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Weekend Recap - August 25/26

A much quieter weekend mainly due to the much needed rain. A few hardy soles started the Bobbo ride before very heavy rain caused a retreat to the clubhouse for much need warming brew and opportunity to solve the worlds problems. Brian the Garbo, the General and Dutchie (photo taker), also made the effort to get out. Some even tougher riders headed out to Prospect and took great joy in pointing out to the soft Bobbo rides they pushed on and completed the full ride. Well done to them. I believe Rachael and Rick Nicholls also made it out to Prospect. Also less than a week till Brian's race at Calga. Enter at https://entryboss.cc/races/1100

60 seconds with the General

This instalment of the 60 seconds series is with none other than Pat "The General" Coleman. The General is one of the club's most stalwart members. He's one of the first to put up his hand to help out the club and any club member. Again I have failed miserably in my time keeping and interviewing skills but fortunately my inadequacy is more than made up for by the General's good humour and wit.

Weekend recap - August 18/19

Another great weekend. Solid turn outs for both the Prospect and Bobbo rides. It was a solid pace on the Bobbo ride and many PBs were posted for the climb up Bobbo West. Panther did as he threatened and joined the Prospect ride. Hard to know if it was the euphoria of this or some other reason but by all accounts the pace through the 6ks of pain was quick. We tried something new and after Prospect Dam the group broke into two. One group continued on the original loop and the other took a shortened route. I'm told this shortened route turned out to be great and included wide roads and downhill sections. This meant these two groups ad the Bobbo group arrived back at SOP at about the same ti

Carlijn Kerdijk

You are Dutch, work for a cycling organisation and you ride your bike every day?’ – Yes, that is me! I rode a bike for the first time without training wheels when I was four years old, the summer before I went to primary school. I remember it was at the campsite and I was so happy, that after a few meter I rode straight into a hedge! From then on, you could find me riding around my hometown Delft on two wheels. Riding a bike was something I did to get from A to B, I definitely didn’t consider it exercise or classified it as sport. My choice of sport was field hockey, which I started playing at the age of seven. The local hockey club was my second home and family - training three times a week

Weekend recap - Aug 11/12

The weather was great this weekend, especially on Saturday. Hopefully it’s the signs we are really heading towards the warmer months now. Big turnouts at both club rides. 10 riders headed to Bobbo, including two first time rides with us. That is great to have them along and we welcome all riders on all our rides. So if you are looking for company, come and join us. We had 14 riders out at Prospect. It was my first time on that ride and it’s a great ride for all levels of riders. I have got to find out where Prospect Dam was and to make the Prospect Dam photo. Super impressive ride leadership by Paul Doorn. So if you are looking for a well organized ride this is it. We are looking

LJ Hooker and Dynamic Office National ITT

We are pleased to present the first stage of the Parklife Cycling Club Championships Round 1. Click here for Start Times The placings will be determined by your adjusted time. Your adjusted time is (your ride time) - (your age-related standard time) - (your bike adjusted time). Your age-related standard time is the difference between the Age Standards and the Ride times. A positive value indicates a rider is faster than his or her Standard Time. These are provided by ATTA. Your bike adjusted time is: 0 seconds for a TT bike (ie. shifters on the aerobars) 1 minute for a road bike, with or without clip-on aero bars So if your ride time is 40 minutes and you rode on a TT bike and your “Age-rela


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