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Weekend recap - Sept 22/23

Lots of daylight and great weather. What's not to love about Spring. It certainly broke the winter hibernation for many, with big numbers on the club rides or out riding with mates. Great to see. This one is a big post with lots of photos. Before launching into the Saturday rides, a special mention to Pete McSwiggan who was up in Orange reppin the club at the NSW Masters Road Championship. Pete did the road race on Saturday and the crit on Sunday. He nabbed a 5th in a bunch sprint in the road race and came home in the bunch just outside the placings in the crit. Well done Pete. After much ribbing of the photo taken last week on the Prospect-Roubaix loop, the group gave me the two finger

Park Bikes

Parklife, the Cycling Club, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Park Bikes, the bike shop, and in a way it’s our foundation member. So this week’s Meet the Member is Park Bikes. Parklife has grown so rapidly since its inception a little under 2 years ago, that many club members don’t realise the deep relationship between the two. Parklife and Park Bikes are, and will always be, intertwined. When Cycling NSW granted the application to form Parklife, the founding committee was given just a few weeks to get key facets in place such as an address, club website, club kit etc . Nash and Park Bikes stepped forward and allowed the committee to leverage the Park Bikes website for the clubs website, t

60 seconds with Cesar

This instalment of 60 seconds is with one of the most famous Brazilians in the cycling world (well according to him anyway), Cesar Biguetti. I'm a disaster as a interviewer and time keeper but on review I actually really like this one. Probably because Cesar is always so entertaining. Grab yourself a coffee, sit back and have a listen to our chat.

Weekend recap - Sept 15/16

What a great weekend. Spring is here. Its warm and plenty of daylight. Really solid turn out for both Bobbo and Prospect rides. Expecting these will just get bigger as we move closer to summer. Also handy to have the camera at the ready to capture a few club members flashing past in the opposite direction. Really great to see so many people out and enjoying riding with mates in the sunshine. We had a number of riders head up to Kurri Kurri for the HDCC Mick Chapman race at HEZ. It was hot and windy up there which made for hard race. Cesar and Ago toughed out in a fast and furious Div 2 race. Ago just got pipped for a podium in Div 2. Riding super strong mate. Check out the video a littl

The Tri Lams

Hey PLCC, it’s the Lams, made up of 2 brothers and a cousin. To us, cycling is a way to stay connected as life starts to get in the way, with a bit of competition thrown in for fun. (Update. Justin and Jonathan are brothers and Chris is the cousin.) Chris: I still have old videos of my dad teaching me how to ride a bike when I was 4 or 5 years old. One that stands out is when he let go of me as I was riding, and not knowing how to stop, I rode into a fence. I didn’t know it then but that was the spark that would light my passion for cycling today. Apart from sporadic riding here and there on family holidays, I didn’t really decide to start riding again till the end of 2014. I was based in N

Weekend recap - Sept 8/9

Enormous week for the club. On Saturday we had our third and final race in our first club championships. More on the race and the final wrap up a little later. Pete McSwiggan was reppin' the club and Australia at the Gran Fondo World Championships in Varese , Italy. Swiggers came 80th out of 250 riders in his age group, which is a sensational effort. Here’s his thoughts on the race. The fondo/race was very demanding... most NSW riders i spoke with said it made Bathurst qualifier feel like picnic by comparison.... Some very narrow roads... a little moisture on some bends..... descents were contested and nearly always included navigating through a village half way down.... lots of crashes/am

Dave Kopycinski

A bead of sweat drips from the top of my helmet onto my top tube. I’ve finally caught my breath again. I stand on the pedals, two hands on the hoods and the front wheel pointed slightly off centre to the left... it may have been to the right- that memory escapes me at this point. I see a train of lights coming through a left hand bend. I push down hard on the right pedal and get into the saddle and up to speed jumping on the back of the train. I hear Bull (Shannon Goard) scream out “Here comes Panther out of the bushes”. Still feeling the effects of radiation for cancer treatment I had no option but to take the short cut through Parra Park. I wouldn’t be stopped but I wasn’t c

Weekend Recap - Sept 1/2

Welcome Spring. Good riddance to those dark cold mornings. We had a a strong turnout for the Prospect ride, despite the fact we have the Discount Skips Handicap race in the afternoon. Great to see so many riders back out. I'm sure the numbers will grow even further over the coming weeks. We have the second race in our club championships at Calga on Saturday afternoon. It was a warm but windy day which made for challenging conditions. We had 31 riders toe the start line. These ranged from highly experienced riders through to first time racers like Natalie Silvestro. This was also the first handicap race for many other people. Handicaps are hard races, and Saturday's conditions made it ev


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