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Simon and Camille Rahme

Hi, I’m Camille, Simon’s twin brother and some say faster on the bike. We started playing soccer from the ripe age of five in the same team and did not miss a season for the next twenty five years. By the age of thirty, work commitments had increased and niggling injuries lingered so Simon decided to give up the sport and it was not long after that I followed. A long standing knee injury and the void Simon left made it difficult for me to continue. Simon purchased his first road bike a few months later and to no surprise I was soon the proud owner of a bike. Like with most things in our lives we began our cycling journey together and were no more than weekend warriors consisting of short rid

Dan Balassone

I’m not sure which name to use anymore to introduce myself. Daniel, Dan, Euro Dan, Giro Dan, Giro D, that 60kg bloke etc. I was known simply as ‘Bala’ for the first 27 years of my life but things seem to have changed since taking up cycling. I was born and raised in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs (for cyclists, not far from The Dandenong Ranges). I grew up loving and playing footy… real footy... AFL (Go the Hawks) and dreamed of becoming an AFL footballer. My height and weight seemed to get in the way of this dream but fortunately it was ideal for another sport/past time, running. I spent over 10 years training and racing to get the most out of myself. I trained with my High School team Marcell

Paul Doorn

Growing up in Jamberoo on the NSW south coast, riding my Hanimex BMX around town, and between country towns, is one my earliest memories of an incredible childhood. This was a time of movie classics such as BMX Bandits and ET – both of which feature cool kids on bikes, something my friends and I were clearly trying to replicate (with success?). I came to Sydney for University in 1990 and have lived here ever since. After my eldest daughter was born in 2002, I finished up playing rugby and reconnected back with cycling. I’ve lived in the West Ryde area for the past 20 years and always enjoyed the easy riding access to Sydney Olympic Park and Bobbin Head for what appears to be a million miles

Weekend Recap - Oct 6/7

A wet weekend meant the riding was restricted and there is not a lot to report on. Most of the action was out at Sydney Motorsport Park for the Judgement Day race on Saturday. Matt Hazzard grabbed himself a podium in the Men's B grade whist Mark Agostino and Stevie Plakotaris picked up the Prims in B and D grades respectively. Birdman came out to support those racing and grabbed a number of great photos. Check them out at Judgement Day Photos

Weekend Recap - Sept 29-Oct 1

An action packed long weekend. A another 30+ turnout for the Bobbo ride with a further 5-6 turning out for Prospect. There was chaos when we returned to SOP to find P&R had decided to not open due to the long weekend. Fortunately Barlin lead everyone to an alternate cafe and calm was restored. Quite possibly the highlight of the weekend was the mountain bike outing up at Glenbrook. A big turnout for the first of these. Huge thanks to Nash, Greg, Rosco for all their organising and assistance in making it happen. Also big thanks to Trek and other club members who helped out with demo and loan bikes for those first timers who wanted to have a crack. A lot of fun was had by all and the pos


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