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Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Well all I’m going to say is that was an experience... and not one I care to repeat. I started well but had an incident at about 45kms and ended up with broken spokes on my front wheel and skin off on my right side. The bike was not rideable, and I didn’t have any options to get the spokes fixed or a spare front wheel from the revolving mechanics, so I made the decision to wait for Andrea (Steve's wife) to find me (she had to take the long route due to road closures for the cycling event!) and bring my other bike (which we had because I’m heading to Sydney directly after this weekend). I was NOT getting in the sag wagon, which the officials did say they would call for me. It took Andrea over

Weekend Recap - Nov 24/25

Good turnouts on both club rides with a few newbies, which is great to see. The Prospect group have taken to some great videos of late. Check out yesterdays version at Prospect ride video Dutchie took on her first half Ironman today at the Western Sydney 70.3. She went really well and smashed her target time with a cracking 5.37. She is rightfully "super stoked". Really well done Carlijn. Does this girl ever stop smiling? Sean Walsh was also out there smashing it out. A tough day for Goose with a 5.48, 25 mins down on last year. Great effort mate. (unfortunately no photos of Goose at this stage.) . Interesting way to taper for L'Etape next Saturday. Panther, Chris and Ago have done G

Weekend recap - Nov 17/18

I've got to start off this weeks recap with the Micky E's win at White Bay crits on Saturday. Fantastic result for Mick. He has been anointed the new Lord Sagan. Clearly this news has made it to the ex World Champ and he so not only did he feel the need to match Mick's win by taking out the Shanghai Crit overnight, but also imitating Mick in his green jersey. Such is the impact of the win, they have put PLCC on the backing board. The ex World Champ is not the only one to have noticed Mick's big win. At Beauie this morning, NSCC legend George Mouhayet commented how good it was. Mick scored himself a big cheque (who doesn't love a big cheque) and it seems a handy amount of prize money. The

Andrew "Budge" Burridge

From the time my dad built my first BMX for my 5th birthday, I’ve been fairly hooked on cycling, moving on to mountain biking in my teen years. But it was moving to Los Angeles in 2004 in my early 20s that really brought me back to cycling. Growing up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne was great for riding recreationally, but not for commuting. Eschewing a car in the one of the most car-centric of cities, I opted to commute by bicycle (leading to an interview in the LA Times). I built a bike at the Los Angeles Bicycle Kitchen, a non-profit bike workshop in downtown L.A. Soon after I moved in to a share-house full of cyclists (from couriers to track and ultra-distance racers), and got involved

Weekend recap - Nov 10/11

A Goldilocks weekend for riding - not too cold, not too hot, it was just right. A huge turnout for the Bobbo loop ride that included the race of the year. Victory to old guy. Check out the "hands on hips", sulking stance of the vanquished cocky peacock. (Interesting side note is the victory was being talked about well east of the latte line) The intermediate ride also did a Bobbo out and back via Browns Waterhole. Just fantastic to see the expansion of the rides. Our Prospect ride also happened, though they dropped their game by not providing any photos. The Evos, Nath and Dutchie peeled off the Bobbo ride at St Ives for "2 or 3 Akuna loops", or so they say. Birdman hit out for a solid

Bec McShane

“Unfortunately you won’t be able to ride horses anymore”. The words no lifelong horse rider wants to hear and the words that changed everything and set me on my path to cycling and finding PLCC. I grew up in a small country town in the South Island of New Zealand and at 16 wanted to be a jockey. Luckily my Mum was smarter than me and told me I wasn’t allowed to try and be a jockey until I had done a “real job” in case it didn’t work out. After five years working in Chartered Accountants offices I finally packed it in and moved to the North Island (my own horse in tow) to chase the racing dream. Unfortunately a fractured Tibia playing rugby ended my hopes of becoming a jockey but riding tr

Weekend recap - Nov 3/4

What a big week followed by a bigger weekend. Nasho, Evo, Ricardo Samson, James McD, Millsy and Anthony Abate mixed it up on Tuesday night at Heffron. Nasho nabbed a podium and Evo picked up 2nd place in B grade. A heap of club members hit up the Armoury in Thursday. Nasho (again), Birdman, Taylor and Petros all grabbed podiums. Solid turnouts on both club rides. Great to see a couple of juniors progress from the Prospect ride to the Bobbo ride and test themselves. Well done to both Rach and Jono. The Prospect group decided to mix it up and headed to Lane Cove Park. This was to provide a bit of variety and throw in a couple of hills. The Prospect ride will continue to be the main ride b


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