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Weekend Recap - Dec 15/16

With the less than desirable weather over the latter part of the week and Saturday, we had smaller than usual turnouts on both club rides. In fact the Prospect ride had a solo rider. He took a Greg Muehlbacher style selfie for posterity sake. Well played Rick Nichols, well played. 😂 Meanwhile the Bobbo ride hd a few more but I am short of good pictures. The best I have is below. Doorny, I need you on the Bobbo ride. Step up big fella. Ago was the sole representative (that I am aware of) at RBCC's Christmas Crit at Heffron. With Christmas puddings on offer for the winners, Ago was keen to take the victory. From what I can work out in the photo, Ago is saying "When I am eating that Chr

The Pioneer

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it..” The 2018 edition of the now iconic New Zealand MTB stage race spanned 6 days, covered 424km with 15,124m of climbing, although I believe the climbing figure was more a product of marketing and less based on the actual course with most people getting closer to 12,000m. Let me start with the introduction of type 2 fun. As opposed to type 1 fun where you enjoy the experience at the time. This is the type of fun you have where at the time, it is no fun at all, perhaps even painful. But in hindsight, super rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. In my experience, The Pioneer is 10% type 1 fun and 90% type 2. This years race was a different beast compare

Taiwan KOM Challenge

Racing in the Taiwan KOM has been a goal of mine for the past year. The journey overseas for a public race is something I never thought I’d get the opportunity to do. My goals for this race were set about 12 months ago and the goals were simple; don’t crash, don’t stop riding once it starts (even on the steep bits) and finish the race. If that all goes well than maybe trying to place would come next! The flight from Sydney to Taiwan was quick and before I knew it I was in Taipei. I stayed in Taipei for a week before the race, this allowed the best time to prepare mentally and physically for the ‘sufferfest’ coming up. The street food over there is amazing and is a battle to try it all and to

Weekend recap - Dec 1/2

Its officially Summer and how good was the weekend. Solid groups for both club rides. Great PBs up Bobbo for Rach and Dutchie. Prospect ride starting from new Park Bikes location. (Just waiting for cafe next to the bike shop to open and we will then finish both rides back there.) . Prospect desperately missing Doorny's photography skills. Team work at its best - 3 working, 2 watching. We had a number of people down at L'Etape this weekend. Weather was substantially better than last year. Revised course, start and finish in Jindy, seems to have been given the seal of approval. Well done to everyone. The Lam boys hit Canberra for the weekend. Today the did the 6 peaks ride. I'm rounding


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