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Weekend recap - Sept 22/23

Lots of daylight and great weather. What's not to love about Spring. It certainly broke the winter hibernation for many, with big numbers on the club rides or out riding with mates. Great to see.

This one is a big post with lots of photos.

Before launching into the Saturday rides, a special mention to Pete McSwiggan who was up in Orange reppin the club at the NSW Masters Road Championship. Pete did the road race on Saturday and the crit on Sunday. He nabbed a 5th in a bunch sprint in the road race and came home in the bunch just outside the placings in the crit. Well done Pete.

After much ribbing of the photo taken last week on the Prospect-Roubaix loop, the group gave me the two fingers up with a couple of precision photos. All good fun and great job to those guys.

We had over 30 people on the Bobbo loop, which made for a great spectacle as we made our way to Bobbin Head.

Everything had been nice and comfortable up to the start of the climb and then all of a sudden things turned serious. In guess Evo dumping his water on the descent should have been the hint that something was about to erupt. The mountain goats attacked and pushed the pace all the way to the top. The result was a top 10 fastest time and many PRs.

The group split into 3 at the top, with some returning back the way we had come, others heading north to Calga and the remainder continuing on the usual route back to SOP.

Those that headed north made the obligatory coffee stop at PITS and the opportunity for a few photos. It was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to get that "perfect" photo 😀

Those that head back the way we came grabbed themselves a well deserved coffee on the way

And of course those that returned to SOP and joined the Prospect group for a catchup. As you can see from Renzo's video, the vibe was really good

Diesel and Ramon headed out with mates to make the most of the beautiful weather.

We also have John Muirhead in Sicily and tackling the climb up Mt Etna. John tells us it was a solid climb. 😀

On Saturday arvo, Birdman and Ago headed out to Heffron for the RBCC crit. Birdman did what Birdman does and grabbed himself a second in C grade. It was a tightly contested finish and he just missed out on a win by a half wheel. I grabbed a series of photos of the final 50m or so has Birdman makes his move. Thanks to Ben Quelch for the great photos.

Despite being unwell for the past week, Ago did his usual driving work in B grade but finished outside the placings.

A final mention for the weekend goes to "Pitbull" Whyntie. He is a fanatical Collingwood supporter in the AFL and his team overran the reigning premiers in the preliminary final to earn themselves a spot in the Grand Final next Saturday. Connor will be heading to Melbourne next weekend for the big game. If the result doesn't go his way, I suggest you stay clear of him for a couple of days and certainly don't mention it to him.

When I put a call out for photos from the weekend, here is Connor's contribution. Good luck to your team next week mate. Remember to breath.

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