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Weekend Recap - Sept 29-Oct 1

An action packed long weekend.

A another 30+ turnout for the Bobbo ride with a further 5-6 turning out for Prospect. There was chaos when we returned to SOP to find P&R had decided to not open due to the long weekend. Fortunately Barlin lead everyone to an alternate cafe and calm was restored.

Quite possibly the highlight of the weekend was the mountain bike outing up at Glenbrook. A big turnout for the first of these. Huge thanks to Nash, Greg, Rosco for all their organising and assistance in making it happen. Also big thanks to Trek and other club members who helped out with demo and loan bikes for those first timers who wanted to have a crack. A lot of fun was had by all and the post ride coffee and breakfast at 2773 was a great way to finish off the morning. There was a suggestion to run these once a month so we will trial that over the coming months with a ride scheduled for the last Sunday of each month. We will have different locations for each ride just to mix it up. Watch out on Facebook for these.

We made the most of the Monday public holiday and tested out a new ride to Glenorie Bakery. It went well and the Bakery stop at 60km did not disappoint. The group split with some heading up thru Berorwa and looping back whilst others head back to Galston Gorge, only to find it was closed due to an accident, so was forced to divert back through Dural, Cherrybrook and Pennant Hills. All up it was a successful morning out and we will keep that in our back pocket for future rides.

When nature calls

The VIP table

Meanwhile John Muirhead continues his jaunt in Sicily and his tales of the amazing climbs there.

And Mike Mitchell has headed into the wine country up in the Hunter and despite the weekend away and a new baby, has been allowed out for a ride. Hang on to your wife Mike, she's a keeper 😀

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