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Weekend recap - Nov 3/4

What a big week followed by a bigger weekend.

Nasho, Evo, Ricardo Samson, James McD, Millsy and Anthony Abate mixed it up on Tuesday night at Heffron. Nasho nabbed a podium and Evo picked up 2nd place in B grade.

A heap of club members hit up the Armoury in Thursday. Nasho (again), Birdman, Taylor and Petros all grabbed podiums.

Solid turnouts on both club rides. Great to see a couple of juniors progress from the Prospect ride to the Bobbo ride and test themselves. Well done to both Rach and Jono.

The Prospect group decided to mix it up and headed to Lane Cove Park. This was to provide a bit of variety and throw in a couple of hills. The Prospect ride will continue to be the main ride but the group is going to mix it up every now and then. We will always post on FB in the days leading up to the ride, as to what the route will be, just to avoid any confusion for everyone. Fantastic initiative from the group to take control of the ride and work out what the group wants.

RBCC hosted their Retro day on Saturday. This include a Retro bike display, Swap meet, Retro crit and the usual Saturday arvo crits.

Birdman suck away from work and let everyone know he was there by throwing down the hammer. Burnt a couple too many matches but still ended up just one small step off the podium in 4th. Well done Brad.

Nasho took Eddy Merckx out to show him off and give him hit out in the Retro race. He also dusted off an old jersey. (Ansett went belly up about 15 years ago.) . By the smile on his face, looks like he had a lot of fun. Great to see Bossman.

We had a large contingent do the Gong ride on Sunday. Well done to the entire group. This ride is about raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis. MS is the most common disease of the central nervous system in young adults and it strikes young people in the prime of their lives. There is no cure. This group has done an outstanding job and raised over $13,800 towards the fight against MS. Huge congrats to them whole. Its not too late to support them and their quest to get to $15,000 by donating at

Many of the group rode to the start from Park Bikes and added some extras with a climb up Mt Keira after. Post rides, everyone headed to a local cafe for brunch. Thanks to the Prez and Tones for covering their brunch cost, they definitely deserve it for everything they have done.

The General is heading to Tassie for a few weeks but just had to spend a few days in the beautiful surrounds of Bright in North East Victoria. This is one of the best places to ride in Australia. With his wife Nicky in tow, he headed up Falls Creek and Hotham on the first couple of days. Both a very solid climbs of almost 30km. Well done to both the General and Nicky.

On the third day, Nicky wisely decided to have a lie in, so the General hooked up on the local club ride. This one took them up Tawonga Gap. He sent me a small note which I just have to share. The hard men from the country showed the "most styled man from the city" that its not just how you look on the bike. He also mentions about getting a few days down there for club members which is a brilliant idea and something I'll look to make happen next year.

I discovered the local Bright bunch rides and joined in this morning. It was full of regional town hard men and women that don't realise that you can ride bikes on the flat. It was no place for blow in pretty boys in the latest Attaquer kit with a shiny Factor.

Notwithstanding, they were very welcoming. It was a 15 km ride out to the Towonga Hill, which is about 7 kmish in length. On the way out it was a civilized bunch with rolling turns and some good banter. But at the bottom of the hill it was on. I stayed with the front bunch for as long as I could but let them go at about 2 km in. I found the second group and pushed on with them. Made it to the top toward the front end of the bunch of 30 with some solid power numbers given my tired legs.

Once we descended back down there was some solid fast rolling turns on the way back into town for the obligatory coffee.

Bright is is not only a pretty town but is also a bike riding paradise. We need to get a Jungle crew down here for some serious fun.

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