Weekend recap - Nov 10/11

November 11, 2018

A Goldilocks weekend for riding - not too cold, not too hot, it was just right.


A huge turnout for the Bobbo loop ride that included the race of the year.  Victory to old guy.  Check out the "hands on hips", sulking stance of the vanquished cocky peacock.  (Interesting side note is the victory was being talked about well east of the latte line)




The intermediate ride also did a Bobbo out and back via Browns Waterhole.  Just fantastic to see the expansion of the rides.  Our Prospect ride also happened, though they dropped their game by not providing any photos.



The Evos, Nath and Dutchie peeled off the Bobbo ride at St Ives for "2 or 3 Akuna loops", or so they say.



Birdman hit out for a solid 130 to Brooklyn but had an epic Garmin fail.  I believe you Birdman.



The Clarence St Cyclery Cup was on at Dunc Gray on Saturday.  Well done to Max Housden, Hannah Sandison, Gordo Allan and Rachael Nicholls who represented the club and smashed the boards.  Power output might be marginally above mine.





Not really related to our club but I just liked this photo.  Really protecting his space 😀


Photo credits for above to Stu Baker and Nasho.  Many thanks 👍


The Bondi Badgers headed to Canberra in the club Skoda for the weekend and some long rides.  There is another Ramon story in there but time prevents me from going into the details.  Suffice to say it centres around 4 flats, running out of tubes, abandoning the ride and  hitching a lift back to the accommodation.  







We were well represented out at the Manly West Head race on Sunday.  Nick Nguyen was up in A grade, Euro Dan, Matt "I've been listening to the General" Hazard and Micky E all smashing it out in B grade and myself, who must have burnt too many matches in taking down Cesar in the race that really mattered, in C grade.  Matt H has a shocking case of wind burn after sitting on the front for the last half lap and driving the bunch to the Wall.  Euro Dan was incredibly unlucky not to pick up a podium, just being pipped for third and Micky E came across 7th.  


Well done to all Parklife racers and thanks to Manly for a. great morning of racing.