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Weekend recap - Nov 17/18

I've got to start off this weeks recap with the Micky E's win at White Bay crits on Saturday. Fantastic result for Mick.

He has been anointed the new Lord Sagan. Clearly this news has made it to the ex World Champ and he so not only did he feel the need to match Mick's win by taking out the Shanghai Crit overnight, but also imitating Mick in his green jersey. Such is the impact of the win, they have put PLCC on the backing board.

The ex World Champ is not the only one to have noticed Mick's big win. At Beauie this morning, NSCC legend George Mouhayet commented how good it was.

Mick scored himself a big cheque (who doesn't love a big cheque) and it seems a handy amount of prize money.

The video of the finish and the post race interview with Crafty are attached below.

Well done to Birdman and Swiggers who were racing in Div 3. Swiggers grabbed himself a 5th place in Div 3 in a hot field.

Also fantastic to see other club members getting down there to support those racing.

Back on to things not Mick or White Bay crit related, the club rides were very well attended again. This is really great to see.

There was some very quick times up Bobbo and a number of PRs being set. It's getting quite crowded in the 7 minute category these days. Would be good to have a race up there one day to see what everyone's got. Thanks to Euro Dan for stepping in an grabbing a top of Bobbo shot.

Doorny's back on the Prospect ride and natural order has been restored. He's taken his mid ride shots to a new level with a mannequin video. Very funny and well done to Doorny and all those on the ride.

Earlier in the week big man Paul Drury grabbed himself a podium at Marconi. Mate, great you did so well but your sock game needs work (see later in this post.)

Not to be outdone by PD, Jono Lam returns from a months holiday in Europe and immediately returned to the podium.

The Parklife northern chapter was in full swing this weekend and had solid hitouts on both days. Panther grabbed a PR up Debenham and Bull helped him celebrate at PITS. Before everyone jumps on Bull for his consumption of a Pie, note he mixed it with some green drink. No idea what that is but whatever it is, it's got to make the pie seem positively good for him.

A few of us headed up to NSCC Beauie's world this morning. Jacob Wilson in A grade, Matt Hazard in B and myself in C. Matt is on fire at the moment and won B grade in a solo breakaway. That grade had a very strong field, so to do what he did was very impressive. Well done Matt.

Great to see so many club members helping out Nash, Barlin and team in the Park Bike move. Way too many people to call out but I know the guys are very appreciative of the help. There is also a story that involves a sprinkler head, a flooded car park and the fire brigade but thats one for another day. Keep an eye on the Park Bikes Facebook page and instagram page for progress on the move.

The new shop opens on Monday November 26 and we will have our Christmas ride soon after that will start and end at the new shop. Keep an eye on Facebook for details on that ride.

In other huge news, UCI have introduced the long awaited sock height rule. No mention of minimum height but anything that shows ankles is just not right. Make sure you stay UCI compliant.

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