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Weekend Recap - Nov 24/25

Good turnouts on both club rides with a few newbies, which is great to see.

The Prospect group have taken to some great videos of late. Check out yesterdays version at Prospect ride video

Dutchie took on her first half Ironman today at the Western Sydney 70.3. She went really well and smashed her target time with a cracking 5.37. She is rightfully "super stoked". Really well done Carlijn.

Does this girl ever stop smiling?

Sean Walsh was also out there smashing it out. A tough day for Goose with a 5.48, 25 mins down on last year. Great effort mate. (unfortunately no photos of Goose at this stage.) . Interesting way to taper for L'Etape next Saturday.

Panther, Chris and Ago have done Giro Della Donna. I'm not going to even paraphrase what they told me.

  • "The scenery is hand down the best I have ever ridden, stunning area"

  • "It’s awesome. Seriously beautiful and challenging. I can go quicker next year"

  • "Weather was actually pretty good, a few wet roads, pretty cold though."

  • "Hills, yeah it has a few. Basically it's either up or down"

  • "107km with 2700 vert"

  • "Maybe 1500-2000 who do it."

  • "I'll be coming back again next year for sure"

  • "Absolutely buckling experience 😂"

So mark this one down in your calendar for next year. We'll be organising something for sure. Great job from the guys.

Matt Hazard ventured up the motorway for the Central Coast UON crit. (Sort of stands out.) . Matt has been on fire of late and stepped up to A grade today and more than held his own and finished in a bunch sprint. Well done mate.

Thanks to Gary White Sports Photography for the great photos

Marconi have been mixing it up this year on their Tuesday night crits (Fantastic initiative from those guys). This week it was the ful circuit on the raceway with a uphill finish at the back part of the circuit. We had a number of riders out there and Jerel grabbed a 2nd place in B grade (backing up after Parra Park laps in the morning. Note to the boys, he's clearly not working hard enough in those laps) and big fella Paul Drury a 3rd in C grade. Well done to them and everyone that raced.

Will Fraser is currently on hols in Spain and I've stolen some of his photos to share. Lots of climbing and some great scenery. Looks amazing. (And no Cesar, Parra Park is not better than this.)

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