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Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Well all I’m going to say is that was an experience... and not one I care to repeat. I started well but had an incident at about 45kms and ended up with broken spokes on my front wheel and skin off on my right side. The bike was not rideable, and I didn’t have any options to get the spokes fixed or a spare front wheel from the revolving mechanics, so I made the decision to wait for Andrea (Steve's wife) to find me (she had to take the long route due to road closures for the cycling event!) and bring my other bike (which we had because I’m heading to Sydney directly after this weekend). I was NOT getting in the sag wagon, which the officials did say they would call for me.

It took Andrea over an hour to get to me after I called her to say I’d crashed. A revolving first aider also stopped and patched my elbow & knee up. Andrea found me, gave me some warm dry clothes (I had got really cold waiting for her), a couple of bananas, liquid and swapped the bikes over and I got going again after over 1:30hrs on the side of the road. Then when I was riding again I realised that my shoe clip/twister was broken & I couldn’t tighten the shoe, but I was back on the bike, I could pedal and I wasn’t stopping again until the end.

By the time I started again all the main bunches had gone through (lots of people had called out to check I was ok - the answer was ‘no but yes!’) and so it was tailenders / slower riders, so I had a solid 109km ride on my own.

But bottom line is I finished my first Lake Taupo @cyclechallenge today, and while it wasn’t the result I was looking for, I finished, I might have lost some skin, put holes in my @attaquer kit 😢, but I can now legitimately wear the t-shirt!!

Thanks to the event officials for their support & a great event. Thanks to the St John New Zealand crew who patched me up during the event & after I finished.

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