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Weekend recap - Dec 1/2

Its officially Summer and how good was the weekend.

Solid groups for both club rides. Great PBs up Bobbo for Rach and Dutchie. Prospect ride starting from new Park Bikes location. (Just waiting for cafe next to the bike shop to open and we will then finish both rides back there.) . Prospect desperately missing Doorny's photography skills.

Team work at its best - 3 working, 2 watching.

We had a number of people down at L'Etape this weekend. Weather was substantially better than last year. Revised course, start and finish in Jindy, seems to have been given the seal of approval. Well done to everyone.

The Lam boys hit Canberra for the weekend. Today the did the 6 peaks ride.

I'm rounding out this recap with the General racing at HART on Friday night. The tongue is out, so he must be very focused.

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