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Weekend Recap - Dec 15/16

With the less than desirable weather over the latter part of the week and Saturday, we had smaller than usual turnouts on both club rides. In fact the Prospect ride had a solo rider. He took a Greg Muehlbacher style selfie for posterity sake. Well played Rick Nichols, well played. 😂

Meanwhile the Bobbo ride hd a few more but I am short of good pictures. The best I have is below. Doorny, I need you on the Bobbo ride. Step up big fella.

Ago was the sole representative (that I am aware of) at RBCC's Christmas Crit at Heffron. With Christmas puddings on offer for the winners, Ago was keen to take the victory. From what I can work out in the photo, Ago is saying "When I am eating that Christmas Pie, I'm going to put in this thumb and pull out a plum...." Unfortunately no Christmas pudding for Ago but looks like he made his presence felt. Well done mate. Photos courtesy of Chris Barr.

A small group ventured up to NSCC's Beauies this morning. A great team effort in C grade allowed the General and myself to nab podiums. Nice way to close out the racing for the year.

And even though I've posted the following photo on facebook, I can't resist putting it up again. Whilst most finish their rides with a coffee, that's not the case up at the Bullpen. Note, it's 9.30am when this photo is taken.

Oh, and have I mentioned those knicks.

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