About Us

President - Pat Coleman

email: president@parklifecc.com.au

Secretary - Ben Thompson

email: secretary@parklifecc.com.au

Ride and Race Manager - Marc Agostino

email: rides@parklifecc.com.au

Womens Development - Amanda Edkins

email: WomensDevelopment@parklifecc.com.au

Treasurer & Public Officer - Craig Toner

email: treasurer@parklifecc.com.au

Coaching / Development / Media - Nash Kent

email: communications@parklifecc.com.au

Events Manager - Mike Harding

email: events@parklifecc.com.au

Asset Manager - Steve Shaw

email: assets@parklifecc.com.au

Sponsorships - Shannon Goard

email: sponsorships@parklifecc.com.au

Rides and Race Manager - Rick Nichols

email: rides@parklifecc.com.au

Our Club Constitution


Since 2016, Parklife Cycling Club has been finding and featuring some of the best rides around the Sydney Olympic Park area. From social rides around the park catering to all ages and skills to more challenging rides out to Bobbin Head, we’re proud to teach not only the love of the sport, but to also impart riding skills, development and a sense of belonging.


(02) 8073 4777

Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia

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